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TO46 Package

AMPAK Technology devoted to provide the TO46 packaging and testing services for optoelectronics components. We have recruited the professional team members in this field with the best machines and devices in the world plus unique tooling that developed in house. we are capable of providing very high precise packaging and testing services in volumes. We don’t just package and testing TO products, we provide the total solution for optoelectronics industry.

Main Features :

  • product
  • TO46 Package
  • 1 . APD CoC
  • 2 . Die/Wire Bonding
  • 3 . Capping
  • 4 . Leak Testing
  • 5 . Burn-In Testing
  • 6 . TO46 O/E Testing

General Specifications :

Pattern Recognition :Surface of carrier  
                            Bottom of Chip.
Bonding Accuracy : XYZ <+/- 5 um.

Die Bonding
Die Placing Capacity: 9 dies
Die Size : 0.15 x 0.15 mm up to 20 x 20 mm.
Wafer Size: Up to 8 ”
Placement Accuracy :  XY<+/- 20 um.
Rotation Accuracy: <+/- 1°

Wire Bonding
Wire Diameter: 15 um~75 um
Bonding Accuracy: +/- 5 um
Wire Rotation Bonding: 0°~90°

Cap Sealing
Welding Accuracy: +/-50um
Hermetic (He Leak Rate):<1 x 10 -8 c.c-ATM/sec

Leak Testing
Bubble Gross Leak Detecting    (Liquid=FC40)
Helium Bumping
Fine leak detecting:1x10-9 c.c.-ATM/sec

Burn In Testing
Burn-In Capacity: 1120 pcs(56 pcs/Board x 20 Boards/Oven)
Oven Temperature: Up to 150℃
Operating Voltage: 2~6 V
Output Current: 2~400uA
Data Log-in Available by UPS System in case of power shutdown


TO46 O/E Testing
APD Breakdown Voltage  Vbr (V): RT and 85℃
Dark Current : Id (nA)
TIA Operating Current : Icc (mA)
TIA D+, D- (V)
Responsivity : R (A/W)
Focal Length : F/L(mm)
Sensitivity Measurements
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